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I recently wanted to test out Songbird on my laptop to see what all the fuss is about. I tried downloading the .deb file from and also tried the tar.gz file from the Songbird website but on both attempts I received the following error when trying to open the program:

*** glibc detected *** munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xb7f1a470

Underneath that error was a massive Backtrace with information about the problem.

Anyway, in the end I found out that the problem is related to an Ubuntu package called libvisual-0.4-plugins. I removed this package (sudo apt-get remove libvisual-0.4-plugins) and tried running Songbird again and it worked instantly. I don’t believe that this package was used by any programs on my computer but in case you have any difficulties after removing it, you can always reinstall it with sudo apt-get install libvisual-0.4-plugins and you are back where you started. I suspect that the .deb installer will also work now!

Good Luck - I’m off to try out Songbird now :-) Hope this solved a headache for a few of you.

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